Our Methodology

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

RPCList, we aim to maintain the highest standards when measuring RPC providers' uptime and speed performance. Our methodology combines testing, data aggregating, and continuous improvement efforts to provide users with a comprehensive evaluation of RPC services. Additionally, we have developed a unique scoring system that takes into account several performance metrics to deliver an overall assessment of each provider.

Here is an overview of our methodology:

Uptime Monitoring

We define uptime as the consistent and uninterrupted data delivery by providers. To accurately gauge uptime, our advanced monitoring system regularly sends requests to RPC endpoints, specifically utilizing the getBlock method to retrieve the latest block number. If an endpoint fails to return the block number, it is regarded as a failed request, directly impacting the provider's uptime. We continuously monitor every 30 seconds from multiple global locations, ensuring our measurements are reliable and up-to-date.

Speed Measurement

Testing the speed and responsiveness of RPC providers is crucial in assessing their overall performance. Our methodology involves calculating response times, which entails measuring the duration from the initiation of a request to the moment the data is returned. By focusing on latency as a key metric, we can then gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of RPC endpoints. To ensure comprehensive results, we conduct speed tests from 10 strategically selected core locations that cater to diverse audiences and target groups. These tests are performed every 30 seconds, 

Data Analysis and Reporting

We aggregate data into hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly intervals to identify patterns, trends, and any outliers in RPC providers' uptime and speed performance. Based on these insights, we generate reports and visualizations that provide clear and concise information regarding the performance of different providers. These real-time reports are made available on our user-friendly website to ensure transparency.

RPCList Scoring Method

We have developed a unique scoring system that combines multiple performance factors to present users with an easy-to-understand assessment of RPC providers. Our scoring algorithm considers the provider's uptime, speed, coverage, and the number of supported chains and endpoints. Each factor is assigned an appropriate weight to ensure a fair evaluation. The resulting score provides an overall representation of the provider's performance.